I like to learn new things, so I created a list of learning I’ve completed, which includes tutorials I have written. Each entry contains a category (Blender, C#, etc.), the date(s) I learned it, how useful I found it, and a link to a post or a short review. I based my rating system on item quality colors, with 1 being a grey item (poor quality) and 8 being red (legendary quality).

Never let schooling interfere with your education.

Said by Grant Allen circa 1894 and Mark Twain circa 1907.

Completed Learning

TitleCategoryMy Review
Beginner ScriptingUnity, C#Completed: 1 Aug 2019
Useful to Me: 4 moderately useful

I learned a few items while watching this,
namely the Vector Maths, LookAt,
GetAxisRaw, and Invoke sections taught
me a few things about Unity.
Configuring Git LFS to Use DropboxGit LFS, DropboxCompleted: 9 Aug 2019
Useful to Me: 8, very useful

I created a tutorial on how to setup LFS to use one of my local Dropbox folders.

To Do Learning