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Treasure Hunter Devlog 7 – Draggable Windows

Project: Treasure Hunter (formerly Dungeon Explorer)Goal: Develop and release first gameInitial Commit: 7 Aug 2019 Dev Hours Since Last Devlog: 60.29Total Dev Hours Spent: 130.5Allocated Dev Hours: 160 At a […]

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Musings 1

Planning For More Adventures

Game Dev Goals for 2020 I never liked New Year’s Resolutions, they always seemed overly hyped and easily abandoned. Why should I wait until the new year to plan for […]

Coding Practice 1

Implementing IEquatable and IComparable

The Path of Discovery Recently, I created a ResearchItem class for my game, and I realized I wanted to sort them in a specific, non-alphabetical way. In the past when […]


Configuring Git LFS To Use Dropbox

Backstory I need to store binary and large files in git, more specifically in GitHub, which supports LFS. However, I only get 1 GB of LFS space for free, after that I have to pay $60/year for 50 GB (price as of 9 Aug 2019). Well, I already have a Dropbox subscription, so why pay more money when I can […]

Musings 4

Level 47 Today

I interrupt my normally scheduled devblog to celebrate turning level 47 today. I finally took some time to play Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep. The game is definitely different from […]