Project: Treasure Hunter
Codename: Dungeon Explorer
Goal: Develop and release first game
Initial Commit: 7 Aug 2019

Devlog: 8 (see previous one)
Dev Hours Since Last Devlog: 20.77
Total Dev Hours: 151.27
Allocated Dev Hours: 160

At a Glance

I jumped into the deep end of the quest pool and didn’t drown, woot! Over the past few days I managed to code five research items, and I have to say I like my design. It’s straightforward and easy to code new research items. In other great news, my wife finished the banner art for the game. Let’s dive in.

Banner Art

My wife, you can follow her on Instagram at Comfort_Creatives, worked long and hard on the banner art for my game. Now I can show it to you. And of course, I just noticed a mistake that I must have overlooked at least a dozen times, the Hunter is supposed to be singular. Oh well, she’ll work on an updated version this weekend and then I’ll circle back and update this.

Now that I have a banner I can start promoting my game on various sites, like Unity Connect, (coming soon), and of course, here on my site (coming soon).

Edit (10 May 2020): I updated the picture with the corrected one.

Treasure Hunter: Quixxen’s Suit

Research Progress

In my last devlog I wrote about creating a draggable panel to display my research tree. Since then I coded five research items to start off my research tree. Since I’m still working towards my alpha I figured five items is enough for testing purposes. Check out my starting research tree below.

Concurrent QuestsAffects the Plains zone only. This increases the number of concurrent quests in the Plains zone.
Ignore Encounter CostThis reduces the effect of cost creep when completing encounters.
Increase Research Point RewardThis increases the amount of research rewards points are received when completing a quest.
Increase Starting IncomeThis effects all locations in a zone and increases the amount of currency each location starts with by a set amount per level.
Reduce All Encounter CostThis reduces the cost completing an encounter by a set amount per level.
Research Options

I took gifs of some of them in action. I still have more to do with research, like implementing a purchasing system, making it so each zone has it’s own research tree, improving the UX, and many more. Let me know what you think, and do you have any ideas for research trees?

Once I have beta code stablized I’ll write a blog about the code I used to create each one. Right now my code is a bit of a hack but hey, sometimes I just have to hack n’ slash my way through it so I can refactor it later.

Keep On Questing

Sometimes I get lost when I go off the beaten path. Oh well, I’m back on track and made some good progress. I have a snazzy new banner thanks to my wonderful wife, and I got the basics of my research tree working. I need to rethink my delivery schedule though.

Life’s an adventure, enjoy your quest!

Git Commit History

9d63472 Add new research – ignore encounter cost, 2020-05-05
ba4482f Add encounter cost formula, 2020-05-05
6fe7661 Refactor UpdateResearchEffect to ImproveLocations, 2020-05-04
23b7461 Add new research item for reducing cost of all encounters, 2020-05-04
5a220d7 Update encounter base cost formula, 2020-05-04
952f583 Refactor Encounter class for research, 2020-05-02
75dc46e Cleanup Stat class, 2020-05-02
4c3b116 Implement new research – Increase Research Point Award, 2020-05-02
b4ef0a0 Update research benefits, 2020-05-02
41af2c7 Fix bug with research, 2020-05-02
075e90b Implement research effects for new locations, 2020-05-02
5dfa1d4 Implement StartingIncomeRsearch for existing quests, 2020-05-02
2538333 Simplify StatModifier class, 2020-05-02
1dc288d Update ResearchEffect enum, 2020-05-02
d22bd86 Implement research item for increasing concurrent quests in Plains zone, 2020-04-21
ac4971b Refactor ResearchItem text displays for cost/benefit, 2020-04-21
e0620fe Implement basic research item displays and leveling, 2020-04-17
c52e62e Enable display of research items, 2020-04-17
de3fe69 Update research panel to display active research tree items, 2020-04-17
50399e3 Display ResearchPanel and improve internal naming, 2020-04-11

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