Start Questing

I started my quest to build Treasure Hunter back in June or July 2019, and wrote the first code on 7 Aug 2019. Since that time I delayed myself several times and slacked off way too much, however, finally this past week I did it, I released the first alpha version of my game. You can play it now on

Site Improvements

I made some improvements to this site. I added a Games menu which I setup like a project portfolio page, so you can see all my past, current, and eventually future projects. Of course, right now it only has Treasure Hunter on it, and that’s ok, I have to start somewhere. Also, the Games menu lists all my games, and if you click on the Treasure Hunter item it takes you to the page.

Keep on Questing

I have already received lots of good feedback on my game and I’m off to work on my next alpha release. Until then, thanks for joining me on my quest.

Life’s an adventure, enjoy your quest!


  1. Congrats on getting it out to alpha! It’s surprisingly addictive even this early in alpha.

    I’m going to list some improvement ideas here:
    – Currently, if you use the keyboard shortcuts for encounters it will be very rapid. I believe you use Input.GetKey which will fire off each frame. Depending on how you want it to to work you can either use Input.GetKeyDown for 1 press = 1 encounter type of mechanic, or if you want it to be rapid you could increment a timer, and if a certain threshold is reached, then do the encounter, reset timer and start over to slow it down somewhat.
    – Bit of audio would be nice 🙂
    – Some kind of visual feedback for doing the encounters.

    Keep on questing!

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    • Thanks, it’s been a fun road with lots of twists and turns, which have only increased now that people are playing it. 🙂

      Yup, that’s what I’m currently doing with the keyboard shortcuts. I haven’t decided if I will make it start at one speed and then accelerate or if I’ll just slow it down a bit. I’m a keyboard person, so I still want it to have some speed behind it.

      I built an AudioManager component and messed around with some test audio so when you complete an encounter you got a sound. Now I just have to find sounds I can use.

      I hadn’t thought about adding visual feedback for the encounters. That could be interesting, maybe animate the icons or turn the number displays into ticker counters. Hmmm.

      Thanks for the feedback, and I’m pushing out an update today that adds offline progression. I had, uh, “fun” learning about Unity’s time features, especially since almost every article deals with how to slow time down but I want to speed it up. I found out that coroutines don’t fire correctly when time is sped up.

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