Continuing My Quest

Over the past few weeks I continued building Treasure Hunter adding in more features, including some requested ones (can you say multibuy!). Head on over to itch and play the latest version of Treasure Hunter: Quixxen’s Suit.

Major Improvements

First off, I implemented the most requested feature, multibuy. Almost everyone who tested said they wanted this feature. I brushed up my math skills and added in the code to make it work. For now it only supports 1, 10, and max options, however, I will add in more later. In my release testing I noticed the encounters will turn green while the multibuy amount still says zero, I believe this has to do with my rounding. I’ll address it in the next pass.


I redesigned the encounter display so instead of a 3×4 grid, I used a list. This greatly reduced the repetitive text and I think the layout works better. Let me know what you think.

Encounter List

I updated all the formulas so the game difficulty starts taking shape. I still need to balance the goals and formulas so better playability, however, this worked as for my first pass.

I updated a bunch of other features, some visible and some behind the scenes. Read the full patch notes below for all the details. Drop me a comment with suggestions, feedback, or anything else.

Life’s an adventure, enjoy your quest!

Full Patch Notes

Exploration Zone

  • Fix scrollbars in each zone
  • Add zone specific scrolling to entire zone area
  • Fix pass thru scrolling in exploration zone
  • Fix exploration zone scroll bar not reach the bottom
  • Add new progress bar piping
  • Add Swamps background
  • Hide progress bar when a quest cannot be started
  • Show correct map and map fragment counts
  • Add simple (and cheap) highlight to selected quest
    • Will update later when I redesign quest display

Quest & Quest Display

  • Move goal button to under the quest title
  • Redesign encounter display
  • Display multibuy option in encounter name
  • Implement multibuy for 1, 10, max (more options to come)
  • Update encounter names to use mostly generic titles for easier testing
    • The Plains has some names, but all other zones have a generic description
  • Refactor base income formula
  • Switch Encounters to standard formulas

Quest Goals

  • Update GoalFactory to use all goals in Editor
  • Update goal descriptions to be more clear
  • Add 3 new goals
    • Completed Tiers goal
      • Goal: Complete encounters {x}-{x+4}, each {y} times
      • Example: Complete encounters 1-5, each 30 times
    • Earn Income Total goal
      • Goal: Earn {x} income from {location}
      • Example: Earn 440 income from Fight a Plains Goblin
    • Times Completed goal
      • Goal: Complete {encounter} {x} times
      • Exmaple: Complete Fight a Plains Goblin 55 times
  • Update existing 3 goals
    • Encounter Type goal
      • Goal: Complete {x} {location} encounters
      • Example: Complete 500 Combat encounters
    • Have Amount goal
      • Goal: Have {x} total currency
      • Example: Have 1,000,000 total currency
    • Income Goal
      • Goal: Reach {x} income per second
      • Example: Reach 5,000 income per second
  • Refactor and test all goal classes
  • Switch Goals to use standard formula
  • Improve quest titling slightly, did not do much as a graphic overhaul is coming


  • Add background displays to research panel (Plains, Rivers, and Swamps for now)
  • Update research panel and associated research items
    • replace button with book icon
    • made Plains zone the default Research Tree
    • fixed bugs associated with not being able to create new tech prefabs
  • Add research point text highlight when selected
    • This has a buy where it won’t highlight until you select the Rivers research points, then it will highlight fine after that
  • Refactor research to use ExplorationZone directly
    • Undid this as it caused problems saving the game
  • Refactor ResearchItem to use ExplorationZone directly
    • Undid this as it caused problems saving the game
  • Add new method to implement research effects
  • Move applying research effects into their respective ResearchItem derived class
  • Switch Research to use standard formulas


  • Hide close button in WebGl and Editor versions
  • Update game reset file
  • Remove adventurer display area
    • Will add back in when I add in adventurers

Technical Updates

  • Update project name in Unity
  • Setup game for testing in Unity Editor
  • Turn off autosave during Editor testing
  • Fix null ref error in Editor mode
  • Mark all formula locations for future standardizing and updates
  • Create sprite atlases for UI sprites
  • Fix issue with setting zone for new locations
  • Refactor research panel point display switch statement

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  1. I posted an update to last night.

    Most of the feedback I received dealt with the randomness of the quests and that it made it difficult to test. I went through and reduced all the goals and limited which encounters would be needed to complete a goal.

    Updated Goals

    Completed Tiers
    Goal: Complete encounters {x}-{x+4}, each {y} times
    reduced base amount from 30 to 15
    kept encounter modifier at 2
    kept zone modifier at 5
    during alpha this will only use encounters 1-3 as the starting range, which will set the encounter at 5-7 respectively

    Earn Income
    Goal: Earn {x} income from {encounter}
    reduced base amount from 240 to 60
    reduced encounter modifier from 20 to 5
    reduced zone modifier from 100 to 25
    during alpha this will only use encounters 1-6

    Encounter Type
    Goal: Complete {x} {encounter} encounters.
    reduced base amount from 500 to 50
    reduced zone modifier from 250 to 25

    Have Amount
    Have {x} total income.
    reduced base amount from 1,000,000 to 100,000
    reduced zone modifier from 500,000 to 50,000

    Income Goal
    Reach {x} income per second.
    reduced base amount from 5,000 to 2,500
    kept zone modifier at 250

    Times Completed
    Complete {location} {x} times.
    reduced base amount from 60 to 24
    reduced encounter modifier from 5 to 2
    reduced zone modifier from 5 to 4
    during alpha this will only use encounters 1-6


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