So this crazy, wild-haired troll gave me a quest, “Hey code monkey, you have a weird beard like me, and I charge you to make a video game.”

“Sorry, I have never coded a ga…”

“Fear not, you will learn,” and then he disappeared.

To be honest, I don’t know if he said “fear not” or “fear a lot,” but the former makes more sense even if I felt the later.  I started my journey on 26 February 2019.  Now I have written code for the past 30+ years, and I taught myself all the various languages I know.  However, up until this point I only created line of business software.  But when a wild-haired troll gives you a quest you kinda have to go with it.

Let’s do this thing!

What is a game dev that doesn’t make the gaming world a better place — WeirdBeardDev


Published by WeirdBeardDev

One day a crazy, wild-haired troll gave me a quest to create a video game. I know C# so I armed myself with Unity and a load of game dev tutorials so I can go questing. Now I call myself a "game dev" and pretend like I have a clue. :)

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  1. Everyone has to start somewhere! Your experience will give you an exceptional advantage, although obviously that still does not render the process without its very unique hurdles.

    I’ll be following along for the ride!

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